Our world is becoming increasingly digital. We aim to put people first, and second. Your Monday wants to bring energy, playfulness and new ideas into peoples and companies lives. Starting with making a difference on a Monday. Your Monday.


Results I’ve Helped Create & RECOMMENDATIONS

Top 50

On the list of Swedens top 50 best recruiters 2019.

HR Sverige

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“Your Monday brings value to us through working with our social media strategies, bookings and customer service. Your Monday definately also make our mondays shine a little bit moore.”

Antonio Rossiello SchΓΆnChef & Founder

“It ads so much value to work with someone who is passionate about finding the right people and also makes sure it’s a culture fit. Through Your Monday, a big interest has been opened for PowerStudio Consulting as an employer. It feels great to have an even larger selection of finance candidates, with exactly the profiles we are looking for. ”

Elsy HamrΓ©n BerggrenFOUNDER

Your Monday.
Item #3

“Are you our next client? We’re looking forward to contribute with our time and energy to fill this box with a new successful collaboration.”

All peoples agency.

Senior Developer

I’m very glad that I were fortunate enough to have Karin as a colleague. Karin is the kind of person that can turn your day around completely, there isn’t any time or situation where Karin doesn’t give people in the room positive energy!
Karin is a great judge of character and is not judgemental towards anyone.
Strong, smart, kind, decisive and helpful are some of the words I’d use to describe Karin and I know that she’d be a great fit in any organization.

Fredrik OlssonSenior Developer Evolve